Epik High Q Bringing Innovative Education Technology Solutions For Kids

Jul 5, 2017    Admin

Epik High Q tablet by Baby Gander

Kids are not very far from technology now-a-days irrespective of how much you restrict or monitor their activities. As parents, our responsibility is to see they do not trespass on wrong sites, pages or come under the attack of viruses and unwanted elements lurking in the threads of web pages. As a parent, I have often found annoying pop-ups with adult content as a danger to kids surfing otherwise innocent content as cartoons, games or even nursery rhymes. How do we ensure that all goes well even when we are busy and let the kids have some “me time” exploring the web? Here steps in the new Epik High Q tablet by Baby Gander

What are the features of Epik High Q Tablet?

Separate log-in for parents (password protected). The parent’s log-in gives access to all features of a normal tablet – from Google Play store to Chrome, Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, Google Play Books, Google PlayTM Movies, Google PlayTM Music, Google Maps, YouTubeTM , iHeart Radio. The kids’ log-in opens a whole new horizon. It functions with a screen that gives good resolution but not too bright fot your little one’s eyes and has front and rear facing Webcam. The tablets have built in WIFI, touch screen, stereo speakers, and expandable memory.

Why Choose Epik High Q tablets over other Tablets?

Well, apart from parental log-in screen, Epik tablets come loaded with interactive education games for all learning levels - from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5. Each game and educational module is specially designed by Epik’s team of certified educational specialist and brought to life by using animated creatures as Looney Toons characters. The selling point of the tablet is Phonics, the art of developing your kids’ vocabulary and pronunciation and who else to teach phonics but characters as Bugs Bunny from the Looney Toon world!

Other applications for kids include SmartRunners Learning Numbers, Click N Spell, Sing and Spell, Themeefy, The Foos, WikiKids, Birthdayland, Magicflix, Dolphin, Dr. Bubble, Ice Floe, Talking Tom 2.

Where do I get these tablets from?

Epik High Q tablets are brought to Middle East exclusively under the brand Baby Gander by Gander Trading LLC. Baby Gander is committed to bringing genuine and innovative products to the region and this is one of our milestone product in the market. Soon to go on sale in Qatar at E-Max other retailers, wholesalers and distributors across Middle East can contact Baby Gander by dropping a mail on info@babygander.com or calling on +974 4472 2778 and order the designs and skus you need for your customers. The skus available can be found Baby Gander

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