Are You Looking for Elegant Jewellery For Your Little Angels?

Jun 26, 2017    Admin

Childrens Jewellery Suppliers Distributors Middle East

Yes, there are many shops which sell jewellery in Middle East but we came to know that parents are having a tough time to get their little angels jewellery which suits their need. Children need jewellery which is light in weight, delicate designs which will appeal to their personality and quality material used in manufacturing which will not affect their sensitive skin. Middle East has a new player in the premium children’s jewellery market, Czech based company Cutie Jewellery which is brought to Middle East in partnership with Qatar based brand, Baby Gander.

Baby Gander, a kid’s special brand under Gander Trading is committed to bringing this adorable Cutie collection to retail houses across Middle East. Baby Gander is reaching out to conventional jewellery outlets and boutiques to stock the Cutie Brand. The jewellery has lovely patterns of earrings with matching pendants. Each piece is handmade to provide a light weight sturdy design.

Where does the Gold Come from?

Gold used is pure fine gold from refineries in Pforzheim, Germany, and alloys from company Legor in Italy. After this the material is mixed and casted to the purity of 585/1000, which is 14 carat gold, 750/1000, which is 18 Carat and 916/1000 for 22ct.

All jewellery pieces from gold are according to the Czech law certified by the Czech Assay Office, which is the authority in the Czech Republic for gold. They are controlling all standards according to the Czech and European laws, including certification, safety standards etc. Cutie Jewellery is a registered member of the Czech Assay office.

Where do those pretty stones comes from?

Austrian Swarovski Signity and from a very famous Czech company Preciosa.

Where do the Diamonds come from?

Across the world, we procure quality diamonds and all pieces are certified. What is special about Cutie Jewellery Design? They are cute and made of premium standards. Our trademark designs are Lady Bug, Ducklings, Baby Elephant, Butterfly, and the dazzling star.

Look at the sample designs on babygander or easier, place a mail at or give a call on +974 4472 2778. Make branded jewellery a selling point of your jewellery store or boutique. To enhance the display we have lovely stands at reasonable rates and point of sale glass slides which we are giving away as part of promotion. The market still has not captured the need for kids’ premium jewellery, so hop in with us for a good ride.

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