Add The Gleam of Jewelry To Your Boutique to Attract Customers

Sep 15, 2017    Admin


There are a lot of boutiques coming up around us as the youth are ambitious and fan their entrepreneurial spirit with personalized buying experience, customized choices and bringing global products but selling it with a local touch. In midst of such competition, we recently realized that a great way to make your boutique stand out would be to add jewellery to it.

The first thought a boutique owner gets is – will jewellery fit my mix? In most cases, yes. A boutique should be designed to pamper a customer with choices and ranges. When a customer walks in, to take advantage of impulse buying, we club in items like accessories which can also make the boutique a one stop shop experience. However, the accessory kept should be in line with the exclusivity of the brand and store and not something off the street.

If you are looking for one such range, you should look at our range of jewelries for kids from Cutie. Cutie is a trusted brand in Czech Republic with a huge market base in Germany and a growing market across Europe. Cutie has also recently forayed into the US. Gander Trading brings Cutie exclusively into the Middle East as a premium jewelry collection for young girls. As a culture where ornaments are popularly used to accessorize and enhance the girl’s beauty, jewelry in Middle East is not just a luxury but a habit. Our collection of delicate earrings and pendants are all handcrafted with care and experience. All jewelry pieces from gold are according to the Czech law certified by the Czech Assay Office, which is the authority in the Czech Republic for gold. They are controlling all standards according to the Czech and European laws, including certification, safety standards etc. Cutie Jewelry is a registered member of the Czech Assay office.

Gold used is pure fine gold from refineries in Pforzheim, Germany, and alloys from company Legor in Italy. After this the material is mixed and casted to the purity of 585/1000, which is 14 carat gold, 750/1000, which is 18 Carat and 916/1000 for 22ct.

Gander Trading collects orders from boutiques and retailers across Middle East and manufactures the pieces through Cutie. Gander Trading ensures to meet the choices of customers by adding white or yellow polish to the Gold Jewelry and giving option to make the designs in Cubic Zirconium or Diamonds of quality and cut as required by buyer. The Cubic Zirconia used is only premium cut Swarovski. For more details to source these unique designs, give Gander Trading a call on +974 4472 2778 or drop a mail on for a complete product profile. Check out their website for the designs as well as their Instagram page under the name babygander.

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